Composing a College Resume

A resume is a helpful tool for the individuals who will be writing letters of recommendation on the behalf of the student. It can be handed out at interviews with admissions representatives and perspective coaches, and may be used for consideration for scholarships and internship opportunities. It will help the student to organize and prioritize information that will be entered on the college application and can serve as an instrument for self-reflection.

The resume typically contains contact information at the top and several topic headings. It should begin with an OBJECTIVE, followed by ACADEMICS, EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (sports, theater, clubs), COMMUNITY SERVICE, WORK EXPERIENCE, and INTERESTS AND HOBBIES. It should be tailored to feature the strengths of the student and should lead with the strongest categories. If the student is very dedicated to the ARTS or to ATHLETICS, it could be a separate topic heading. If a student has held numerous leadership positions, then LEADERSHIP could be another separate topic heading.

An Objective at the top might read as follows:

“OBJECTIVE: I am seeking admission to a distinguished college or university for the fall of 2016.”

It could be more specific if a student knows what he or she is seeking, and if it pertains to all the colleges on the student’s list, such as:

"....a distinguished liberal arts college or university" or "...a distinguished state university"
"where I plan to study _____” or “where I plan to study ______ and play varsity _____".

A category such as Languages is pertinent if it is a second language, not just one taken in high school.

A category such as Travel is pertinent if one has spent a month or more in that location or if it was part of an academic program or community service project. Family vacations would not be listed.

Below is a sample resume for a student who wanted to focus on her academic and athletic achievements. Students may seek assistance from their college counselor in the design or focus of a particular resume.






OBJECTIVE: Currently a Senior at The Calverton School, I am seeking admission to a distinguished _____________.


High Honors (11)

Honor Roll (9, 10)

National Honor Society (inducted May 2004)

Spanish Award (11)

ATHLETICS: Soccer (9, 10, 11, 12)

Soccer Captain (12)

Calvert Recorder All-County First Team (11)

Soccer MIP (10)

Lacrosse (10, 11)

ARTS: Formal study of piano (5 years)

COMMUNITY Supervised young children at “Safe Harbor,” an abused persons’ shelter (9, 10, 11, 12)

SERVICE: Helped plan and organize entertainment for the elderly at NHS “Senior Prom” (11)

Landscaping and Maintenance at the American Chestnut Land Trust (10, 11, 12)

WORK EXPERIENCE: Pizza Hut, Delivery Person (June-August 2005)

LANGUAGES: Fluent in Russian (my parents’ native language)

CHURCH: Member of choir (9, 10, 11, 12)

CLUBS: Environmental Club (9, 10, 11, 12)

TRAVEL: Have visited Germany, France, and Russia.

HOBBIES: Skiing, Sailing, Ultimate Frisbee, Improv