Helpful Resources and Links

Searching for Colleges

Below are some websites that will be helpful in the college search process. Many will require the user to create an account to assist in the search process. Some items for comparison in the college search process besides the size, location, majors offered, and athletic programs include the freshmen retention rate, the 4 or 5-year graduation rate, and the employment rate of the graduates. Use this site to register for SAT and SAT Subject tests, send scores to colleges, as well as search for colleges, career options, and financial aid information. The Calverton School CEEB Code is 210650. Use this site to register for the ACT test, send scores to colleges, as well as search for colleges, career options, and financial aid information. The Calverton School CEEB Code is 210650. Use this site to research private colleges and universities. Use this site to research state universities.

Below are websites that provide subjective descriptions, including student reviews, as well as objective information on colleges and universities. The college counselors have found The College Board, Princeton Review, Peterson’s and College Toolkit to be especially helpful. This website is set up a bit like Facebook; students can set up profiles which include the criteria they are looking for in a college. They are able to browse through college profiles and website, send questions to admissions counselors, get messages from colleges that fit the students' search criteria, and even talk to current students at colleges to get the real scoop on life at the college. This website also assists with the scholarship search process.

Websites with other useful information related to the college search process: This free resource helps in planning campus visits and making the most of the college search. Students can find schools by location, majors, and more; plan campus visits and admissions activities; get college reviews and advice. contains a list of colleges and universities that are SAT/ACT Optional. contains the most up-to-date list of colleges and universities that use the Common Application. contains a list of colleges and universities with very specialized programs for students with learning disabilities. contains a list of Yellow Ribbon Schools which are part of the GI Bill for military families. is a website where college students rate their professors. It is useful to review this for professors in a student’s intended major and later when registering for classes.

These websites provide information related to the crimes that have been reported on campus or in surrounding areas. provides free SAT preparation and review. provides free SAT preparation for the math section contains useful articles, links, and resources relating to the parenting of college students and college-bound students.

When Considering a Potential Career

Below are some websites that will help students assess their interests and strengths as they decide on a career path and possible majors in college. All of the links have some assessments which are free and do not require any personal identification information. The more common assessment tools are the Jung Typology Test, the Holland Code Quiz, and the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (or shorter variations of this).

A word of caution: Some of the sites offer additional assessments for a charge. It is not necessary to pay for such assessments at this preliminary stage of the game. Some of the assessments may be free, but they require an email address to receive the report, which may result in additional unwanted junk mail. Many universities offer similar career assessment tools accessible for free by their students only. College students should take advantage of these resources as soon as possible.


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Please join us for The Calverton School's Open House and Scholarship Day on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 9am! This is an exciting opportunity for prospective parents and students in grades PK3 - 11 to get a glimpse into all that The Calverton School has to offer: challenging academics, diverse arts program, unique leadership opportunities, wide spectrum of athletics, activities for every interest.

For prospective NEW students entering grades 6 - 10 and not currently enrolled at Calverton, we invite you to register for our Scholarship Day exam. Scholarships will be awarded to students who combine outstanding performance on a competitive exam with excellent communications skills, academic achievement, and extra-curricular involvement. Exam makeup date will be Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 6pm.

Scholarship offerings include a full tuition scholarship for an Upper School student and a 50% scholarship for Middle School. To learn more about Scholarship Day, please click here.

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