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What is the D.C. Calverton Program?

D.C. United Academy has elevated the standard of player development in partnership with The Calverton School creating D.C. Calverton Soccer Program. This club team, affiliated with D.C. United's Academy, provides opportunities for highly motivated domestic and international soccer players to challenge themselves in order to pursue soccer and education at the next level (collegiate or professional). Combining high level academics with high level athletics is what D.C. Calverton is all about. Located twenty-five miles outside of Washington, D.C., The Calverton School campus boasts the One World Residential Village and four athletic playing fields. The program will include 5-day and 7-day Residential Programs for domestic and international student-athletes, along with a Day Program option for local student-athletes. Whether living on campus or off, all programs allow for both morning and afternoon training sessions. With the affiliation with D.C. United, D.C. Calverton will offer athletes an unmatched playing experience, opportunities, and exposure.

Program Highlights:

Boarding & Day Students (Grades 9th-12th)

  • Players will be placed on Calverton's Upper School team and D.C. Calverton club team.
  • Open to day and boarding students.
  • Both 5-day and 7-day Residence Programs are available in Calverton's One World Residential Village.
  • Players live in a controlled environment which promotes an academic and athletic lifestyle to maximize the potential of a developing professional.
  • Academic schedules will allow for am and pm training sessions throughout the week.
  • The Calverton School provides rigorous academic to keep our players challenged academically through their International Baccalaureate Program.
  • Players receive professional soccer instruction from D.C. United's Academy staff.
  • The Calverton School provides remarkable facilities including 2 Bermuda grass fields, 1 stadium turf field, and a gymnasium.

Financial Aid: The Calverton School can offer financial aid for prospective student-athletes. All applications for financial aid will be reviewed by the school and club.

DC Calverton Fall 2019

We are proud to announce DC Calverton will be expanding to add a Girls program in August 2020! The first Girls ID Camp is scheduled for 11/9-11/10!


GIRLS- August 2020 Team- (rising 9th-11th graders)

11/9/19 thru 11/10/19

To register for the Girls ID Camp CLICK HERE!

BOYS- for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years

(9th-11th graders)

11/16/19 thru 11/17/19

To register for the Boys ID Camp CLICK HERE!

Yearly Outlook

D.C. Calverton trains and competes year round starting in August and finishing in June. Enrolling into this program also includes an additional 3 training sessions a week in the morning for the duration of the school year.

The school/soccer year is split up into two different parts. One being the high school season and the second being the club season. Below is a typical yearly outlook for student athletes enrolled in the program.

August- October

Morning training 3 times a week

High School Training 3-4 times per week

High School Games 1-2 times per week

Scrimmages/Tournaments (TBD depending on schedule)


Morning Training 3 times per week

Club Training 3-4 times per week

Scrimmages/Tournaments/Showcases (subject to availability)

Club Games 1 Per week

For Information on the D.C. Calverton Soccer Program and The Calverton School Residential Program Please Contact:

Jason Boxx, DC United Residential Program Coordinator -jboxx@calvertonschool.org

The application process includes completing both the Academy Soccer Application and The Calverton School Application. Both applications need to be completed prior to any consideration for admittance into the program.


Emery, Michael (Tyler) Defender. Midfielder

Ferrante, Nicholas- Defender 2021

Foster, Nathan- Midfielder/Forward 2021

Frias, Tristan- Midfielder 2020

Furbert, Nathan- Defender 2021

Hernandez, Bradley- Defender/Midfield 2020

Jones-Tyrell, Jamori- Forward 2021

Lau, Hor Hay- Midfielder 2023

Lugo Elibox, Christen- Midfielder 2021

Rivers, Ethan- Midfielder

Simmons, Stefan- Defender

Valasse-Paul, Samario- Midfielder

Warner, Jazir- Midfielder


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