Alumni Spotlight

Welcome to Calverton’s Alumni Spotlight where we are excited to feature various Calverton alumni. As the number one college preparatory school in Southern Maryland, we believe our students have an edge that make them leaders both here at home as well as the larger global community.

Ian Sloan '12
University of Maryland

Ian Sloan, was an undergraduate student of University of Maryland from September of 2012 to May of 2016. Ian graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and also earned a Women's Studies Certificate. From August of 2012 to May 2014, he worked as a campus lifeguard then was promoted to a Head Guard, a lifeguard supervisor and a first responder to CPR and First Aid emergencies.

He also received the following accolades for his years of service to campus organizations he was involved in: the Pavela Award from the University Student Judiciary, Certificate of Recognition from the Nyumburu Cultural Center, and an Outstanding Service Award from the University Recreation & Wellness. Lastly he graduated with Academic Honors, making the Dean's List in his last semester.

When asked how Calverton contributed to Ian's college experience, he said,

"The Calverton School contributed to my collegiate experience through enhancing three components: time management, devotion to academic integrity, and perseverance for accomplishing challenges. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was involved in various campus activities that occasionally tested my perception of what was the highest priority, but I conclusively understood it was my academics. My devotion to academic integrity at Calverton was enhanced by my roles in the University Student Judiciary, which focused on maintaining and enforcing the University of Maryland's Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity. I was academically challenged each semester because of me covering new info in the classes required for my major but also in Sociology and Women's Studies classes. I strived to have the perseverance in understanding each field of study similar to how I confronted the various subjects at Calverton, which was to evaluate when it was appropriate to use similar or different learning methods between each of the given fields of study. "


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