1. What is The Calverton Fund?
    The Calverton Fund is a yearly appeal that generates needed income through charitable gifts from all corners of The Calverton school community, including: the Board of Trustees, alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and other friends of the school. Funds raised are spent the same fiscal year to enhance the day-today life of every student.
  2. How is my gift to The Calverton Fund used?
    The Calverton Fund helps fund essentials within the daily operations of the school, including curriculum development, art supplies, technology, athletics, clubs, activities and professional development. These unrestricted gifts are applied wherever the need is greatest, and they are essential to the school's excellence and financial strength. Your gift dollars are also available if unexpected opportunities arise, such as field trips to the Smithsonian Museum of American History or Farming 4 Hunger, etc.

  3. Doesn't tuition cover these expenses?
    Tuition revenue provides 85% of the school's operating budget. We also receive revenue from ancillary programs, small endowments, facility rentals and donations. As a non-profit, The Calverton School is able to raise charitable dollars to help meet the cost of educating each student. An investment in The Calverton Fund ensures we are able to attract and retain the best faculty and students.

  4. If I can only make a small gift, does it make an impact?
    Yes! Participation at any level helps make possible the many invaluable opportunities students are afforded at The Calverton School.

  5. Why does my participation matter?
    Participation matters because many foundations only fund schools that demonstrate wide support by their own alumni and parents. Participation level is also a factor in a school's bond rating. Your gift is a show of your commitment to the school and a sign of The Calverton School's strength.

  6. Does The Calverton Fund campaign have a start and end date?
    The giving year begins on July 1 of every year and closes on the following June 30.

  7. If I make a pledge now, when do I have to pay?
    You have until June 30 to fulfill your pledge. It is helpful to The Calverton School to make your commitment early in the fiscal year even if you do not pay until later.