Family of Funds

When we come together in support of The Calverton Fund, we come together in support of our students.

Together We Give and With Your Support . . .

The Calverton Fund is a comprised of a Family of Funds representing the fundamental elements of our school programs and encourages you, the donor, to direct your gift to a specific area of interest. Your gift makes a difference, and we use it as you intend! No gift is too small, and every gift counts. Thank you for participating to your fullest extent.The Family of Funds Are:

School’s Greatest Needs – Calverton students benefit from your unrestricted support. These gifts are directed to curricular and co-curricular programs, wherever they are most needed. These funds will be used to support the operating budget which directly benefits our teachers, programs, and operations.

Academic Enhancement – The Calverton School is dedicated to delivering high-quality academics, experiential learning and co-curricular activities that build learning skills and foster students’ independence, enthusiasm and initiative. Gifts to this fund will support teachers in all academic departments, including professional development, libraries, outdoor/ environmental education, educational technology, and curricular planning.

Fine and Performing Arts – Creativity has been identified as a 21st-century skill essential for connection and collaboration in life. At Calverton, from ages 3 to 18, creativity flows through every stage of the educational experience. The arts foster imagination and creative problem-solving skills and develop critical judgment, open-mindedness and independent thinking. Your support inspires what the world needs: soulful, creative minds nurtured at Calverton.

Athletics - Your gift will support activities that build physical strength, develop collaborative skills and help students manage challenging situations, all of which are essential to personal growth. Sports include cross-country, volleyball, swimming, golf, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and softball. More than 80% of Calverton students play at least one team sport during their Middle and Upper School years. Leadership, teamwork, and learning to deal with success and failure are key acquired skills. Your support helps to maintain outstanding athletic opportunities for our students, the hiring and retention of dedicated coaches and the upkeep of our athletic facilities, equipment, and fields.

Should directed contributions exceed a fund’s budgeted limit, the school’s administration will convey to the donor the need to re-allocate funds. The donor will have the option to re-allocate their funds to the area of greatest need or another category of their choosing that has not met the fund budget limit.

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