Board of Trustees

An all-volunteer Board of Trustees governs The Calverton School.

The Board is comprised of individuals who care deeply about education, value shared experiences and community, and who believe Calverton is an extraordinary school, from its faculty and staff, to its campus, to its mission. The Board seeks to advance the School and supports its leadership.

The Head of the School is responsible to the Board for the daily operations of the school.

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Board of Trustees

President: Arpana A. Shah, MD, FAAD

Vice President: Francisco Kuidlan

Secretary: Indira Tiwarri

Treasurer: Kishma Prince

Executive Committee Members:

Danielle Lico

Kerri Maloney

Jennifer Frias


Michael Brooks

Philip Bunn '2008

Michelle Goodwin

Patricia Jenkins

Desann Manzano Lee

Scott Rye

Mick Shove

Karrie Wood