Middle School

Karl Adler
Middle School Head
410-535-0216 x1205


"A good middle school above all else, instills in students that all important sense that their teachers care about them and want them to succeed.” - Gray Smith

Middle School is a unique time in not only the cognitive development, but also in the social and emotional development of a child as he makes the journey from child to teen. These years are filled with an emerging sense of independence and an ongoing need for nurturing guidance. Calverton seeks to instill a strong work ethic, a sense of confidence and citizenship in each middle school student while delivering a rigorous academic program.

Our Middle School program is designed to meet these unique needs via advisory, co-curricular events and activities, and the familial relationships nurtured at Calverton. Our faculty serve as student advisors and spend quality individual and small group time with students to support the varied needs of each child. This unique relationship between our staff and students is a very special thing of which we are extremely proud.