Middle School

Will Dorsey
Middle School Head
410-535-0216 x 1205

"A good middle school above all else, instills in students that all important sense that their teachers care about them and want them to succeed.” - Gray Smith

Middle School is a unique time in not only the cognitive development, but also in the social and emotional development of a child as he makes the journey from child to teen. These years are filled with an emerging sense of independence and an ongoing need for nurturing guidance. Calverton seeks to instill a strong work ethic, a sense of confidence and citizenship in each middle school student while delivering a rigorous academic program.

Our Middle School program is designed to meet these unique needs via advisory, co-curricular events and activities, and the familial relationships nurtured at Calverton. Our faculty serve as student advisors and spend quality individual and small group time with students to support the varied needs of each child. This unique relationship between our staff and students is a very special thing of which we are extremely proud.

In order to further our commitment to building character and honor in Middle School during the 2014-2015 academic year, students participated in an activity to develop a Middle School citizenship pledge in order to better live by the standards of the Philosophy of Honor:

" I pledge to treat others as I want to be treated and to uphold the expectations of the Philosophy of Honor in the pursuit of my education at Calverton. I will value others; respect myself, my teachers and my peers; and, I will help my community. I promise to be considerate, tolerant and friendly, and I will help my peers to do the same. I will be a curious learner, taking pride in my work, and meeting academic expectations. My mind is ready to learn, open to new experiences and focused on being a true citizen of the Calverton School."


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D.C. United and The Calverton School are hosting a 2-day identification session for soccer players interested D.C. United's Academy and their Residential Program for the 2018/2019 academic year. In partnership with The Calverton School, D.C. United's Academy will offer a five-day and seven-day residential program for domestic and international players, while also providing flexible academic schedules to local talent to allow for morning and afternoon training sessions. The program is in place to attract and nurture aspiring professional players.

For registration and additional information, please contact Jason Boxx at jboxx@calvertonschool.org.

To Register - click here.

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