Student and Learning Support

The Calverton School offers Student Support Services for students who may require academic and well-being support. If a parent/guardian has documentation to offer based on psycho-educational evaluation, including an IEP/IESP or Section 504 Plan, it should be submitted at the time of admissions. Any student who has an IEP/IESP, 504 Plan, or a private diagnostic evaluation is eligible for special arrangements with the school to assist the candidate during their preparation of work for assessment and in their written examinations. 

Students who access academic support may receive executive functioning coaching and skill development, accommodations based on documented need or teacher observation, and study skill development to increase students' independence in preparation for postsecondary options and pathways, particularly at the Upper School level. Academic support services vary based on the child's grade level and families are encouraged to reach out to the Division Head or the Student Support Services staff with questions. 

The Student Support Specialist is also available to work with students in all grade levels who may need social-emotional and well-being support via consultation and brief check-ins. 

Dr. Allison Trentman 
Student Support Specialist
410-535-0216  x1128





Dr. Kenneth O'Bryhim
Upper School Learning Support
410-535-0216  x1105
Stephanie Cooley
Lower School Library/
Learning Support
410-535-0216  x1204