Emergency School Closings

The Calverton School will try to observe Calvert County Board of Education announcements concerning closings, delays, and early dismissals of school in a snow emergency, but may make a decision independent of the Board of Education should it be necessary.

Information about delayed openings, closings, or early dismissals will be posted on the school website, e-mailed directly to parents, and shared via social media.

You also may tune in to radio stations WKIK (102.9 FM) or WSMD (98.3 FM) or television channels 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9 for information.

You may sign up to receive SMS (text) alerts to your phone. Simply use your RenWeb username and password to log into Community Login. Click on My Subscriptions, validate your cell phone, and then ensure that "Urgent News" is checked off.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Text Alerts

Registration is free and takes approximately 2-5 minutes to complete. Cell phone text messaging fees charged to you by your carrier will still apply. For new families, you will need to ensure that your RenWeb ParentsWeb account has been set up. Please contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

You will need your mobile phone and desktop computer:

1. On a laptop or desktop computer, visit the school's website at www.calvertonschool.org
2. Click on the appropriate portal - Parents or Faculty/Staff - in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.
3. Login as you normally would, using the same username and password as you do to access your RenWeb ParentsWeb account. Once logged in, hover over your name in the upper left hand corner and select "Profile", then "Subscriptions."
4. Click on the button to enable a mobile phone. You will have to enter your mobile number and cell phone carrier. Once you enter this information, you will receive a text to your cell phone with a verification code. Enter the code provided in the box and click "Verify." This will enable your mobile device.
5. Next, click on the "Settings" button next to News Alerts. This will open a new window.
6. You will see several options. In order to receive texts regarding inclement weather and/or emergencies, you will want to check off one of the boxes next to "Urgent News." Please note that in order to check off the SMS (text) box, you will have to check off your mobile device at the top of the window. Same for e-mail alerts as well (it will show you the e-mail address that the system would send to if you were to enable that service). You may select one or both options. Click "Update Settings."
7. That is it! You're now ready to receive mobile alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Do I have to sign up? No, you do not. You may still access emergency information via television stations, The Calverton School homepage, facebook, or the email that is sent to all families when the decision to delay/close is made.
2. What if my number, my service provider, or my e-mail address change? You can log back in to the portal, and update this information as needed. Please note that if you edit any of the personal information with the School, it will not be automatically updated here.
3. How do I stop receiving the text alerts? You can log in and unsubscribe at any time.