Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School at The Calverton School supports the developmental transition of students in grades six through eight as they master the necessary skills to achieve future success in our Upper School and beyond. Calverton provides a positive, sensitive and academically-focused atmosphere in which students become aware of their role in the world around them. We seek to promote citizenship, honor, and mutual respect through high expectations and responsibility. Students are granted the independence to take risks and to make daily decisions within the cocoon of a safe, loving environment. As students emerge from the Middle School, they have learned the importance of self-discipline, responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

Middle School Curriculum Overview


Grade Six:

English 6: The Hero's Quest: A Journey of Self Discovery
History 6: Ancient History
Science: Life Science
Mathematics: Math 6
World Language: One semester each of Spanish and French Conversation and Culture
Study Skills/Research Expo: A Personal Project
Physical Education, Study Hall, Electives

Grade Seven:
English 7: Conflict and Resolution in Literature
History 7: Medieval History
Science: Earth Science
Mathematics: Introduction to Algebra
World Language: (self-selected) Spanish 1A or French 1A
Research and Technology/Research Expo: A Personal Project
Physical Education, Study Hall, Electives

Grade Eight:
English 8: A Critical Approach to Reading and Composing
History 8: World/US History
Science: Physical Science
Mathematics: Algebra 1 or Geometry
World Language: Spanish 1B or French 1B
Health/Research Expo: A Personal Project
Physical Education, Study Hall, Electives

Download the complete 2017-2018 MS Curriculum Guide.


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News List

D.C. United and The Calverton School are hosting a 2-day identification session for soccer players interested D.C. United's Academy and their Residential Program for the 2018/2019 academic year. In partnership with The Calverton School, D.C. United's Academy will offer a five-day and seven-day residential program for domestic and international players, while also providing flexible academic schedules to local talent to allow for morning and afternoon training sessions. The program is in place to attract and nurture aspiring professional players.

For registration and additional information, please contact Jason Boxx at jboxx@calvertonschool.org.

To Register - click here.

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