Affording a Calverton Education

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Applying for Financial Aid

The Calverton School offers financial aid to enroll mission-appropriate students who would not otherwise have access to an independent school education due to financial constraints. At Calverton, we believe an effective learning environment includes an appreciation for diversity. The awarding of financial aid makes our school more accessible and affordable, thus fostering a more financially-diverse school community.

Calverton uses the services of Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to assist in financial aid calculations. Grants are awarded to families on an annual basis (first come, first serve) until funds are depleted.

The Calverton School does not discriminate on the basis of ancestry/national origin, color, gender identity/expression, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation in its admission or financial aid process.

Click HERE to apply for financial aid at The Calverton School.

Please note that applications for financial assistance are not complete until all required documents have been mailed/scanned to FAST:

To apply for the 2020-2021 school year, the following documentation will be required:

2018 federal and state tax returns
2018 W-2's or 1099's
Year-end pay stub, December 2019
Business tax returns (if applicable)

Upper School Scholarship

The Calverton School offers Merit Scholarship for Upper School students. Students who are able to maintain academic excellence - while participating in extracurricular activities and giving back to the community - are ideal candidates for the Merit Scholarship. The Calverton School does not offer athletic scholarships.

2020-2021 Scholarship Checklist
2020-2021 Scholarship Application

Tuition Rates
2020 - 2021 School Year

Cougar Cubs
Cougar Cubs 3K, Five Full Days $11,530
Cougar Cubs 3K, Three Full Days $10,400
Cougar Cubs 3K, Five Half Days $10,400
Cougar Cubs 3K, Three Half Days $7,140

Cougar Cubs 4K, Five Full Days $11,530
Cougar Cubs 4K, Five Half Days $10,400

Lower School
Kindergarten $14,480
Grade 1 $15,500
Grade 2 $16,520
Grade 3 $17,540
Grade 4 $18,560
Grade 5 $19,580

Middle School
Grades 6 $20,600
Grades 7-8 $21,220

Upper School
Grades 9-12, Day Student $22,440
Grades 9-12, Five-Day Domestic Boarding $35,830

For information regarding our Five-Day and Seven-Day Domestic Boarding or our International Boarding Program, please contact Jason Boxx, Associate Director of Admissions at

Tuition Includes:

Lower school text and workbooks

  • Selected middle school textbooks
  • iPads for Lower School Students
  • All science, music, and art fees
  • Required educational field trips
  • Student insurance
  • Snacks for 3K and 4K students only

Tuition does not include:

  • Selected middle school textbooks
  • Upper school textbooks
  • Transportation fees
  • Extended day fees
  • Middle School and Upper School laptops
  • Health and accident insurance (for residential students)
  • Lunches (with the exception of residential students)