Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan to arrive?
All new international boarding students plan to arrive approximately ten days prior to the first day of school --Specific Travel Day pickups are arranged from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). Returning International Boarding students, as well as returning and NEW Five-Day or Seven-Day Boarding students should arrive the Saturday prior to the first day of school to get settled in. We will work with you on travel times and pick-up/transportation as needed. Students should NOT miss school time to travel at any time during the year, unless it is unavoidable. Students seeking special exceptions must discuss ideas well in advance, and know that classwork is their responsibility, and that much class time cannot be made up when missed.

Whom should I contact with my travel information?
For international boarding students: As soon as you obtain your student visa and book your airline tickets, please email Yvette Burgos, Residential Life Director at, with your flight information and itinerary. Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) is approximately two hours from Calverton, so we will make arrangements accordingly.

Who participates in Boarding Orientation?    Orientation is designed for NEW International Boarding students ONLY.

School Vacations:
Residences will be closed for Winter Holiday Break and Summer Break. Students should ensure that they have a place to go and discuss travel plans with Residential Director, Ms. Burgos, 4-6 weeks prior to the break.  All boarding students are encouraged to travel during Thanksgiving and Spring Break vacations, or visit with family or family friends. Alternately, our Home Visit program will place boarders with Calverton families interested in providing short-term home stays. Independent student trips to vacation destinations are permitted with adult supervision. Travel Forms signed by parents are required for all vacation travel by students, regardless of age. The Residential Director will establish communication with the adult responsible for student during travel, as well as to establish time of departure and return. Student safety is our first concern—especially with student travel!

What is the weather like?
The Calverton School is located in Calvert County in Southern Maryland. It is located between a large river and the Chesapeake Bay. Temperatures are pleasant much of the year, with distinct seasons. As temperatures fall below freezing between November to March, a winter coat will be needed, but there are often warmer days during the wintertime. Summer weather can be hot and humid, and therefore, spring and fall are both moderate times to enjoy the outdoors.

What shall I bring with me from home?

  • Toiletries
  • Medicines for student use—over the counter medicines vary widely
  • Extra glasses/contact lenses
  • Towels
  • Swim suit
  • Older clothes for outdoor activities/sports

Items we can purchase together during Orientation and shopping trips. (Domestic Boarders are welcome to bring these items with them)

  • School uniform
  • Formal attire (will not be needed right away, and can be purchased later for dances, proms, school celebrations, etc.)
  • Bedding—sheets/pillow will be provided, other items can be purchased during Orientation shopping
  • Alarm clock—can use cell phone
  • Book bag and school supplies/textbooks
  • Laptop computer/tablets
  • Winter coat (may be easier to find here in the US)

What furniture will my dorm room have?
Most dormitory rooms sleep two. Calverton will provide to each student a bed/mattress, a dresser, a desk, a chair, and a wardrobe.

Boarding students can bring basic clothing, purchase uniform items during Orientation, and shop for colder-weather clothing as the seasons change. Our current students have enjoyed shopping online and in our local stores, and so, we will bring our new students out for shopping excursions throughout the year. There are outlet shopping malls nearby, as well as large department stores such as Walmart for discounted shopping needs.

Students may pre-order their uniforms prior to arriving at Calverton. For those attending Orientation, we will go out to shop for uniforms at that time. Additional items can be ordered after school starts, as needed. We suggest:

  • 2-3 pairs of khaki PANTS to start with. Girls can purchase skirts, also.
  • 1 pair khaki SHORTS (for boys only) is a good idea, due to heat during August and September
  • 2 short sleeve oxfords and/or polos and 2 long sleeve oxford SHIRTS---short sleeve can be worn also during the winter months, with a cardigan sweater.
  • SWEATER can be purchased later on.

School Supplies:
Students can shop for school supplies during Orientation week. Domestic students can bring an assortment of binders, notebooks, paper, etc. All Upper School students are required to have a laptop. Internet service is provided in residences, and Calverton School has wireless internet service on campus. Our international students find that purchasing a computer here in the U.S. has been less expensive than in some home countries, and may want to research options for purchase during Orientation.

In order to open bank accounts, students are advised to bring either cash, travelers' checks or have money wired from their bank in their home country to their local accounts in the U.S. Parents will be able to wire money to their student’s bank account throughout the year for spending money as needed. For our boarders, including students already residing in the United States, Bank of America is our local bank of choice. You may open an account prior to the start of school if you wish. Shuttles run weekly to a local shopping center where students will have the options to withdraw cash is needed.

Caution: Students should NOT carry or store large sums of money, or have large amounts of cash in school or in the residence. On the first day of Orientation, each residential student will have the opportunity to open bank accounts at our local Bank of America (which has ATM instructions in Chinese and other languages) and obtain a debit card.

Credit Cards:
It is strongly advised that each international student travel with a credit card to be used if needed throughout the year.

Financial Questions (related to tuition payments):
Families can contact Melinda Dagle, Business Manager of the Calverton School:

How do we pay tuition charges?
For international students, a wire transfer of funds is required. This is the safest and most secure method. Payments should be made in full by July 1st, or within 10 days after your receipt of the F-1 Student Visa. Wiring instructions are sent along with the student contract.

Five- and Seven-Day Boarding students may opt to make payments throughout the school year. We will utilize FACTS to manage the accounts.

Are there any additional fees?
Textbooks, uniforms, and school supplies are variable costs for students. Textbooks can be purchased during Orientation, and resold after the school year if desired. Uniforms will be purchased during Orientation, as will school supplies. Free catered hot and cold lunch options are provided to residential students, along with the option to place orders from nearby restaurants (who deliver) if students wish to try something different. Some optional trips may require admission fees or spending money. College visits during grades 11 and 12 may require some travel/hotel fees, depending on distance from Calverton.

What about Medical Insurance/Vaccinations/Heath Care?
For international students, Heath Insurance has been arranged along with your tuition, and will start on your arrival date. Please notify us of your travel plans, in order to coordinate insurance coverage. We will work with domestic students on a case by case basis.

  • Current vaccination records are required by the State of Maryland in order for students to come to school. If you have any questions about the required immunization forms, please contact us immediately, as all of these documents are very important.
  • Students with incomplete immunization records will be pulled away from classes for doctor visits to obtain missing immunizations. These are not covered by student insurance, and students should be prepared to pay doctor fees for these additional services.

Health care options here in Maryland include:
Our School Nurse is available daily for brief consultations. She may recommend a visit to a local health clinic or doctor’s office, as needed. Student insurance will cover medical care costs due to accident or sickness, but students should be prepared to pay fees as needed for well-visits, as well as for vision and dental care. Students and their families should make sure that the School is aware of any medical conditions and preferences. We will work together to ensure good health of all of our students, and to fulfill family wishes for health care here in the U.S.

  • Vaccinations, dental, and eye care should be done before you come to the U.S. These services are not covered by medical insurance and are very expensive in the U.S. Students should always carry a copy of their insurance card with them, and House Parents will keep a copy of insurance cards along with the Permission to Treat form sent to all residential students.

Academic Questions:
When do I get my schedule of classes?
Class schedules will be distributed during Orientation, after students have meetings with math and English teachers for assessment. Students will choose electives and work through schedule options with the Head of Upper School. Textbooks for each class will be listed and purchased in time for classes.
For Five- and Seven-Day Boarding students, schedules will be handed the day before school starts. You will of course know which classes you are taking in advance of this so that you may order books.

What about English Language Services?
Calverton provides ESL and English Literature (ELIS). ESL provides a strong foundation in language acquisition, and ELIS parallels the regular English curriculum, with an emphasis on reading beyond recall and writing analysis. Students who have demonstrated necessary proficiency on writing and other assessments will matriculate into regular English classes as their abilities allow. Any student who requires more support may sign up for peer tutoring or hourly tutoring through our Learning Department.

What about academic advising?
The close relationships that develop at the School make it comfortable for students to seek advice and counsel from their teachers, advisors, or administrators. Students should consult with them when they have concerns or questions. Each student participates in an advisory group, which meets regularly with a faculty member advisor, who has the primary responsibility for monitoring the student's academic and social progress.

What about college counseling?
The Calverton College Counseling program helps students determine what type of higher education best suits their needs and aspirations, and then helps them gain admission to the institutions they choose. Throughout Upper School, students, parents, and House Parents are invited to individual meetings, group information sessions, College Nights, and Saturday sessions that cover topics such as: how colleges and universities evaluate applicants for admission, how to be competitive for admission to selective schools, how course selections, college board examinations, and Advanced Placement fit into this process, how to decide what sort of institution is right for each individual student, how to prepare for campus visits and interviews, how to prepare a successful college application, how to apply for financial aid, etc. Finally, the College Counselors work closely with seniors as they prepare their applications, write individual recommendation letters and advocate on their behalf.

Student Life Questions:
What extracurricular activities are available?
The Calverton School offers a wide range of optional extracurricular activities such as participation in athletics, theater, music, and dance. Students can strive to serve in Model United Nations, student government, Student Ambassadors, and the National Honor Society. Other clubs/activities vary, providing options for students interested in environment, computer programming, publishing, and photography in recent years. Community service is also encouraged by the School, with many options for students. There are many ways for students to explore their interests and strengthen community connections at Calverton!

What will the Residential Student Orientation cover?
Orientation is designed to help students settle in, become familiar with other students and the School, and prepare for a successful start to school. Meetings will provide time to share expectations for the year, and address questions and concerns as they arise. International students will meet daily at the School—to acquaint themselves with other newcomers, teachers and staff, and the many facilities Calverton has to offer. Preparations include familiarization with school schedules, math and English assessment, shopping for textbooks/uniforms/school supplies, and answering any questions students have before the school year begins.  We will include socials and cultural trips during the Orientation—it will be a valuable combination of relationship-building and preparation, designed to provide students with opportunities to get to know each other and feel ready for school success!

Additional topics: Communication
Calverton is committed to facilitating communication between our students, their families, and school staff. Residential Life Director, Yvette Burgos at, should be the first point of contact for questions involving the School and/or housing issues. During the school year, parents and students have 24/7 access to student’s grades, and student report cards during each academic term. Each teacher and advisor, as well as school administrators, can be reached via email. Residential Weekend Plans and newsletters will be sent via email to parents and students throughout the year as well, to keep families updated on current events at Calverton!