The Calverton School is committed to assisting our families with a safe and efficient means of transportation to and from school. Transportation services provided by The Calverton School are designed with the safety and welfare of our students as a priority. In keeping with this philosophy, all bus runs are kept to a maximum travel time of one hour, with the exception of the PM Activity Bus. We offer bus service to the following areas, although all runs are subject to change or cancellation depending on interest and registration.

PM Activity Bus is available on Monday - Thursday for the 2019 - 2020 school year. The Activity Bus departs Calverton daily at 5:45 p.m. This bus will exit campus right onto Route 4 northbound. The bus will do a loop to include Northern Calvert, Upper Marlboro, Brandywine and Hughesville before heading back to campus. It is expected to arrive in Hughesville at approximately 7 p.m.

Southern Anne Arundel County
Edgewater McDonalds/Kmart
Hardwood Market/Exxon
Mt. Zion Church
St. James Church Route 2

Prince George's / Northern Calvert Counties
Bowie (Rip's)
Upper Marlboro (Rt. 301/Rt. 4 - Giant Food)
Wayson's Corner
Dunkirk (Hallmark a.m., Urgent Care p.m.)

Charles County
Weis@Hertigan Green Parkway
Demarr Road (White Plains)
Victory Christan Minitries (White Plains)
SMECO (Hughesville)

  • One-way bus service is available
  • Daily drop-in service/one-way charge $20
  • Pick-up and Drop-off locations are subject to change based on ridership
  • A 2% prepaid tuition discount applies to all tuition that is paid in full
A 50% tuition reduction applies for the third child with the fourth child riding free. (Not applicable to One-way Service.)