School Uniforms


One of the key principles of the Calverton experience is respect–respect toward learning, toward each other, and to oneself. As an extension of this principle, we ask that students and adults come to school dressed in a respectful manner. In other words, we respect our school community by appearing ‘neat and appropriate.’ The adults in the community will abide by professional dress, and we ask students to abide by the following uniform. In this regard, shirts should be tucked in, belts should be worn when needed, undergarments must not be visible and outdoor or over-sized clothing should not be worn inside the School. Uniforms should be ordered from Lands End or Dennis Uniform. Please note, each site is aware of our uniform policy. Once you select our school, they will guide you by offering only approved items. You may click the sites below to order directly.


Please note, we have eliminated Tommy Hilfiger as a preferred vendor. Any items previously purchased from them, will continue to be accepted as part of the school uniform. Thank you.